July ’16

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The Patriot

Layered RED Raspberry Ice, BLUEberry Ice Cream (also available in dairy-free), mixed Berry Compote, topped with Whipped Cream, and sprinkled with WHITE chocolate shavings.  The perfect patriotic parfait!

RED Raspberry Ice

Berry season is upon us and we are diving in!  Ring in the summer with ripe Red Raspberry Ice!  The flavor of fresh raspberries is sure to hit the spot on a hot and sunny day.

French Postcard copy

BLANC Creme de Lafayette

July is a month of revolutionary taste!  Don’t fill up on Tastykakes while storming Eastern State Penitentiary on Bastille Day; come by The Franklin Fountain for a scoop of Créme de Lafayette – French Vanilla Ice Cream, swirled with pureed Raspberries and Blueberries.
Hurry this flavor won’t last!  Available the week of July 14th.

FF_Blueberry Float_diptych_WL

BLUEberry Ice Cream

We have carefully crafted our homemade Blueberry Ice Cream with a luscious crop of juicy-plump local berries and we do believe that we have outdone ourselves this year.  We also offer this refreshing, summer flavor in Dairy-Free.


July Caramels

All of our Caramels are made with local dairy from grass-fed cows.  Make your pick patriotic, with a box of Blueberry, Raspberry, and Coconut Almond Caramels!


Fairy Floss

Fairy Floss (Cotton Candy) is back!  We’re kicking off July with Raspberry, Lime, Mint Chip, and Firework – studded with popping candy.

dirty chai bon bons

Bon Bons

Our Bon Bon Selection is exploding this July! Try our new flavors: Blueberry-Basil, Guava, Dirty Chai, and an Ecuadorian origin square with Cacao Nibs!

Liberty Bells

Ring in the Fourth of July with Liberty Bells!  Celebrate your patriotism with bean-to-bar Liberty Bell Bon Bons made onsite, Liberty Bell Lollipops, or molded Chocolate Liberty Bells.


Cocoa Brew Ice Cream

Inspired by our London Coffeehouse Cocoa Brew, this new flavor combines our Franklin Coffee Ice Cream with a swirl of house-made craft chocolate and house-roasted Cocoa Nibs for a nice crunch.  Pick up a scoop at the Chocolate Café!

wiki cacao fruit_WL

Cacao Fruit Fancy Ice Pops

Cacao Fruit, the pulp that envelops cocoa beans inside the pod, tastes nothing like chocolate, more like a sweet citrus-y pear or apple.  We’ve frozen this tropical treasure into refreshing ice pops, available now in the Café freezer.


Historic Summers at Shane Confectionery

Did you know that the original owners of 110 Market Street supplemented their confectionery sales in the summer with fireworks?  This flamboyant trade card dates to the late 1800’s and helps connect us to our predecessors.
Learn more about the history of our building and the confectionery trade in America on our weekly tour, every Friday at 6:30 pm.

Mini-display Ice Screamers_wl

Ice Screamers

Ice Cream in the Era of Prohibition was the theme at the 34th Annual Ice Screamers’ convention.  Our Collections Manager, Laurel, put together a dynamic display on the ways ice cream and soda manufacturers capitalized on saloon and alcohol aesthetics in response to Temperance and Prohibition.

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