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On March 3rd, 2006, we served the first batch of our HOMEMADE ice cream, Philadelphia Vanilla Bean. Within a few short weeks, Eric (co-owner) was churning all of the flavors the Fountain is now famous for under the name FRANKLIN ICE CREAM.

Over the years, thousands of businesses have prospered under the name “Franklin” in honor of the inspirational entrepreneur Ben Franklin. Ice cream companies from Kansas City, Omaha, Indianapolis and Toledo all separately branded themselves “Franklin Ice Cream”. Over time these regional ice cream companies disappeared, leaving little but memories and some wonderful advertisements. We have collected some of these period items, including a 1920s porcelain sign that hangs on the exterior of the Fountain today.

In our view, Franklin was a man of integrity and the ice creams we make must satisfy this goal. Milk and cream is obtained by contented cows close to home, procured from a 1920s family dairy. Fruits are local when in season and regularly preserved for year-round use. We use natural dyes and flavors wherever possible.


Listed in order an ice cream maker would have it:

Vanilla Bean

Traditional Philadelphia-style Vanilla Ice Cream with ground vanilla bean specks and a blend of fine Mexican and Madagascar vanilla extracts. Historically, visible bean pods indicated a purity of product, separating “Philadelphia” style from the French and New York Style ice creams, which utilized egg yolks. Vanilla is an orchid that hails originally from Mexico and is hand pollinated. Until the middle of the 20th century, most vanilla was produced in Mexico and sent all over the world. Thomas Jefferson even had beans sent to him during his tenure as Secretary of State in Philadelphia. While Mexico was the source for vanilla, European traders were the financial benefactors. While at Passy, Franklin would have made his French Style Vanilla with Mexican beans. The Mexican bean imparts a fruity spiciness while the traditionally modern Madagascar vanilla is a sweet and creamy vanilla that everyone can relate to.

peanut butter

Silky smooth peanut butter layrered against vanilla ice cream, a balance of sweet and salty.

chocolate chip

Dark bittersweet chocolate chunks are added in a variety of sizes into our ice cream machine to provide a diversity of chip experience.

mint chocolate chip

A signature Franklin flavor is our white mint ice cream swirled with a green house-made fresh mint syrup, and studded with dark bittersweet chocolate chunks. “Green or White?” we are always asked… like Franklin, the great peacemaker would do, ours has both.

hydrox cookie

Today known as “cookies and cream”, this vanilla based ice cream is nearly equal parts cookies and cream. The Hydrox Cookie was invented in 1908, four years before Nabisco came out with the Oreo in 1912.


A dark, rich chocolate ice cream made by cocoa to a milk chocolate base. A perfect blend of rich milk and bittersweet chocolate notes.

rocky road

Originally invented in 1929 by Edy’s Dryers after the fall of the stock market to make people happy. Rocky road is a chocolate based ice cream with almonds and a house marshmallow phluff swirl.


Smooth coconut cream with flecks of real coconut scattered throughout.

caramelized banana

Ripe bananas cooked with brown sugar and rum creates our unique caramelized banana ice cream. Pairs well with peanut butter or strawberry.

sea salt caramel

Made with rich sweet caramel and Salty Acres sea salt from down the shore.


We use real peaches and cream to make our peach ice cream; picking local peaches when the season abides.


Made with sweet cream, roasted strawberries, and strawberry puree.

green tea

Made with pure, pulverized green tea to naturally flavor and color this ice cream. The flavor is on the bitter, savory side with a remarkably dry finish. Not for the faint of heart, but true green tea devotees love it.


Our Pistachio ice cream is naturally flavored and colored, with a combination of local artisan nut butter and candied pistachios.

butter pecan

Interestingly unique and sensational, our nut flavors are some of our best.  Sweet caramel sauce compliments flavorful roasted, salted pecan halves and pieces.  The word is out – we’re crazy about nuts!


This flavor contains vigorous chords of java flavor, and is made with a house-made extract using real coffee from local artisan roasters. Its coffee ice cream for black coffee drinkers.

Rum Raisin

This Caribbean delicacy is made with aged Jamaican rum, sugar, and green grape jumbo raisins.

Cotton Candy

Pink sweet cream swirled with blue marshmallow; so authentic in flavor you can hear the calliope music of the circus calling!


Just like the name says, our Fancy Ice is made from real fruit. The Franklin Fountain will always have Fancy Ice ready to scoop in a variety of seasonal flavors. Some of our favorites include Raspberry Lemonade Ice, Strawberry Guava, and, of course, Mango! These flavors are vegan friendly and do not contain any dairy.



The Franklin Fountain is proud to feature a rotating selection of VEGAN flavors. We house-make our vegan ice cream from a coconut base. Some of our flavors include Vegan Vanilla, Vegan Hydrox, Vegan Strawberry and Vegan Kona Macadamia Nib among others. Stop in or give us a call to see today’s flavor options.


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