January ’16

FF_logoHORIZANTALsjanuary pie with lemonLemon Buttermilk Ice Cream

This new tart & zippy flavor pairs perfectly with our pies or on its own.  Bring back memories of Summer for a bright citrusy relief, as the Mid-Winter chill sets in.

hot chocolate2Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

Inspired by our luscious Aztec sipping Hot Chocolate at Shane’s Chocolate Café – Heated by Guajillo and Arbol Chiles, Cayenne Pepper, and perfumed by Cinnamon and Vanilla, this seasonal ice cream will warm your tongue and throat like no other frozen treat. Pairs well with Vanilla and Maple Walnut Ice Creams and melts graciously into steamy cups of cocoa.

lebkuchen menu ad for blog copyGingerbread Picture Cookies

Spicy, peppery traditional Gingerbread is pressed into antique wooden German molds and glazed in sugar.  Pleasing to the eyes and to the tongue!

Jerks Choice Tarzan of the Apes B copySoda Jerk’s Pick of the Month

Neva picks Tarzan of the Apes – A banana split blended into a milkshake from ripe, picked fruit and fresh roasted nuts.

ShaneConfectionery-horizontalmarzipanGlücksschwein -“Good Luck Pigs”!

Our House-Made Marzipan is made with almond meal, confectioners sugar, and flavored with a hint of rose water.  For the new year we are also offering our Marzipan dipped in dark chocolate, or in the shape of pigs.  An ancient German tradition, marzipan pigs have been exchanged for centuries around the holidays, bringing good luck for the year ahead.
Available now at Shane Confectionery and online {link attached friday}.

Champagne Truffles C copyFizzy Champagne Truffle

We’re uncorking some Champagne Truffles that POP in your mouth!  A White Chocolate Truffle made with Port Wine, Champagne Extract and a coating of Popping Sugar…It’s the fireworks at midnight on your taste buds.

Cough drop photoHouse-Made Cough Drops

Sore throats, coughs and congestion beware – Shane Confectionery has House-Made Cough Drops.  Made from fresh teas of steeped herbs and barks, our cough drops come in Horehound, Cinchona & Lemon, and Honey Licorice.  Available in 1860’s reproduction ground glass apothecary bottles – to be kept on desks, in medicine cabinets, or beside sick beds.

Clerks Choice Orange BonbonCandy Clerk’s Pick of the Month

Pavia picks the new Orange Bon-Bon!
“I love anything that combines orange and dark chocolate, but this piece really takes the cake.”

shanechocolatecafe_text_logotj nightcap copyThomas Jefferson’s Nightcap Jar

Take home the taste of Thomas Jefferson’s Nightcap, the rich, European-style drinking chocolate of Shane’s.  Layered in a ground glass apothecary jar, Organic Cane Sugar, Milk and Dark Chocolates, and Cocoa Powder can be simply added to milk.  Serves 6-8.  For those who imbibe, we suggest the addition of a shot of brandy or cognac, stirred in right before serving as Jefferson preferred.

spec.sv.09.e20.0018 copy 2From our Archives!

In the nineteenth century, a cultural obsession with messages conveyed by flowers, called floriography, blossomed.  Each flower, including its color and placement in a bouquet, represented romantic sentiments intended for the receiver.  So varied and ubiquitous were the meanings, that “flower dictionaries” became popular accessories for the discerning lady and gentleman.
Cozy up with your date in the Chocolate Café and check out our mini-exhibit on secret symbols on turn-of-the-century postcards!



The Confectionery Cabin at Winterfest

Join us down at our Confectionery Cabin at Winterfest.  We are open:
Monday-Thursday: 4pm to 10pm
Friday: 4pm to Midnight
Saturday: 11am to Midnight
Sunday: 11am to Midnight

TOH Shanes Pic 03A Taste of History

We were honored and delighted to be visited by Chef Walter Staib of City Tavern and the Taste of History crew this week!  Look out for us on PBS in the Spring.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.38.54 AM

Clear Toy in the News

CBS visited Shane Confectionery a few days before Christmas and captured Eric in full Holiday spirit.

varneycleartoyredjpgClear Toy – The Full Story

Click here to read the article on Philly.com

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