March ’14

Confectionery Show & Tell:
A few of our Favorite Winter Discoveries

On winter vacations and business trips together, the Berley Brothers’ passions continue to unearth great experiences that they’d like to share. Winter is the season for escape. Here are a few places they’ve visited lately and highly recommend to others.

Confectionately Yours –
The Berley Brothers, Eric and Ryan

Mast Brothers Tour and Tasting

mastbrosThis Library, curated by two passionately aesthetic Mid Westerners, shows what can be done with terroir and chocolate. Have you seen their new book? Awesome!

Mast Brother’s New Family Cookbook is Out!

Brooklyn Donut Exhibition

The Brooklyn Donut Exhibition took place at the Brooklyn “Reliquary,” highlighting donut beginnings thru their artisanal reformulations today.

Bubby’s Soda Fountain and RestaurantBubbys-highline-interior

Like the Fountain, Bubby’s High Line is dedicated to the importance of ingredients and fundamental ways of transforming them into foods that express who they are and what they value.

The Brooklyn Pharmacy

Gia_PetePeter & Gia (owners, brother & sister) spent nearly half a day talking soda shop with the Berley Brothers at their Brooklyn Soda Fountain.


Order your advanced Copy of The Soda Fountain,
co-written by the Jerks in Brooklyn!

The Culinary Institute of America

At the Culinary Institute of America, The Chocolate ‘Dessert’ included a symphonic ending to a rich and delicious French lunch.

Bauman’s Old Fashioned Cider Press

baumans-ciderpressBauman’s started in 1892 when John W. Bauman purchased a cider press and operated it with the steam engine in his carriage manufacturing shop. Soon he began cooking apple butter for farmers of the community. Now in its third generation, Bauman’s Apple Butter Factory is still a family operation in the Nineteenth Century village of Sassamansville.

Theo Chocolate Manufacturing Tour and Plant, Seattle, WAtheochocolate

Theo Chocolate, the First Certified Fair Trade, Organic Chocolate in the US, operates using restored German equipment in an old Brewery Building in Seattle.

The Factory Tour inside was very advanced, yet inclusions are added by hand to every single chocolate bar. Mainly a wholesaler, Theo has now become ubiquitous in specialty Supermarkets and is no longer carried at Shane’s due to oversaturation. Their chocolates are good, but their confections bought onsite are the real draw.

tacoma-sodafountainWho knows when you’ll simply stumble upon a Soda Fountain? We did here in Tacoma, Washington.

The Empress Hotel


English Tea Service at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia

Roger’s Chocolates in Victoria


Boxes, bags and Valentine’s charm mark this specialty chocolate original, aside major chains and tourist-centered shops.

rogers-jewleryshopOriginally the store was a Jewelry Shop in 1910. It was later converted into candy store.

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  1. Dave Douglass says:

    Congratulations, Kiersten, Adeline Ruth, and Eric! Send photos when you catch your breath.