Happy New Year!


MidwinterSorbetSpiked and Mulled like Glogg, this winter ice wine shall rosy your cheeks as you forget the cold outside. Mulled over the fire with Ginger and Blood Oranges, Champagne and Spodee Wines. Also Includes Lemons, Cloves, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg.




Our locally grown Lancaster Blue Hubbard Squash is as ugly as ‘Frankenstein’ on the ‘outside’ and lovely as Elbert Hubbard on the ‘inside.’ Recommended as a silky and buttery squash to cook with, Hubbards usually are monstrous in size, larger than a Philadelphia ‘pigskin,’ and similarly shaped. ‘Hut, Hut, Hike- On-Over and try some!’

…Speaking of Pigs, Celebrate New Years with a Marzipan Pig, an ancient German tradition! Marzipan pigs have been exchanged in Germany and Scandinavia for centuries around the holidays, bringing good luck for the New Year.


Available now at Shane Confectionery and online!


HotChocolate-devil-smHot Chocolate Ice Cream now made with locally mixed “Lucifer’s”-Hot Pepper/Paprika Blend.  Move over Han Dynasty*, this ice cream will challenge preconceptions of cool creamy sweetness and warm the tongue and throat like no other cayenne concoction. Pairs well with Vanilla and Maple Walnut Ice Creams and melts graciously into steamy cups of cocoa.


BlackWalnut-adBlack Walnut Ice Cream, an earthy, pungent and deeply flavored yet sweetly balanced ice cream whose priority is flavor over apologies. This flavor divides families and confuses  young married persons to question their allegiances. Loved by bookworms especially Co Founder and Brother-Ryan Berley. Like Black Licorice as well, it does build loyalty for the initiated and will convince the liberal pallet which is open to new ‘flavorscapes.’


Shane’s Champagne Fizz Truffle

To ring in the New Year with a BANG, we’re uncorking some Champagne truffles to POP in your mouth, complete with effervescent effect.  They’re a real GAS!


Our Black Walnut Cookies are made using a Pennsylvania Dutch Recipe and feature locally foraged nuts.  Nothing compares to our Chocolate ‘Malt Chunk’ Cookies, made with Wilbur’s Best Chocolate.

Events and Activities:

January 23rd 8pm

Grenada Chocolate Company

“Chocolate Film Night” at the Independence Seaport Museum: Screening a Film about the Grenada Chocolate Company with Chocolate tasting and demonstrations


Ice Skating at Winter Wonderland Continues at Penn’s Landing


Stop by for a Hot Chocolate with your favorite Flavor of Ice Cream or Indulge in our Hot Fudge over a Date Night.


Class C Fireworks at Shane Confectionery can reign in the New Year at Penn’s Landing (as once was done) in the 19th Century, according to this advertisement!


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