October ’11

Dearest Fountaineers,

This is the season that brings us the magic of transition and transformation, and we hope to receive it well. The golden orb of the sun gives forth light increasingly aslant, the turning Earth rolls e’ermore into the shadow of night, the forest trees about us seem to ignite into fiery hues, shedding their flame tinged leaves until the reaching tree limbs are laid bare. We hope that you as well become instilled with this season’s mystery and its strike of awe.

Speaking of awesome things, we’d like to announce to those of true-aimed faith and rocky fortitude that The Great Pumpkin Sundae has returned! It is, by a substantial margin, your author’s favorite of all our many sundaes. It has creamy spiced pumpkin ice cream that robs you of breath by its magnificence, homemade hot caramel sauce running in rivulets down its mounds, salted pecan halves are lain daintily on the sundae’s hillsides, fresh whipped cream moves over it like fog through a pumpkin patch, and a powder of ground cinnamon is sprinkled over it like an early snow. Truly, it is meant for those whose hearts beat awaiting for it.

In news of other items to eagerly await for, we are featuring this month Sidral Mundet, a fine Mexican apple cider flavored beverage first bottled in 1900 by the good Don Arturo Mundet. We hope that the first sip of this soda brings you the truthful knowledge of its everlasting tastiness.

While on the subject of true flavor,  we really must insist that you taste some of our homemade apple pie which will be returning to our pie cases for the first time this season. The pie’s graceful return comes as the weather has cooled down by its noticeable fraction, and we want to make sure that you are kept warm with an item of wonderful taste. The chefs in our pastry department have crafted the pie from scratch, and if you’ve never had it it really is worth trying for you to get a foretaste of Heaven. And that is not all for news of things-Apple. We will also be bringing back our warmed apple cider, which we brew ourselves in an intermingled batch of flavorful spices, including nutmeg, allspice, fresh oranges, star anise, and cloves. Sip some when you’ve a chance to allow the slew of spices to sluice through your bloodstream.

While on the subject of everlasting taste, we wish to bring into the limelight two local artists of the highest caliber– one Miss Emily Malina, our Creative Director, and Miss Tegan Brozyna. Both artists will be collaborating in the Old City Business Collective’s Design Philadelphia event- a friendly competition to design the best looking window display in the neighborhood. The two will be dressing the Shane Confectionery storefront in the manner of a candied-out All Hallows’ Eve. Please peer through the curved glass storefront at 110 Market to see the collaboratively dressed caramel apples, pumpkin shaped jellies, and similar seasonal fare, and do stop by this web address to cast a favoring vote towards our duo’s eye-trained genius.

Batter up! Prepare for the pitch and ready yourself for a baseward run! Yes, yes, it’s playoff season, the grassy perfume of the playing field should be anyone’s indication. We’re happy to announce that we’ve caught base-ball fever here at the shop, and as it went untreated, it became Philly fanaticism. We are offering for sale Cracker Jack boxes worthy of their oft-sung anthem line, base-ball gum balls with candy-paint stitching, pinstriped pretzels, and Base-ball postcards (wouldn’t you like a sporty artistic rendering of Philadelphia’s great “Connie Mack”?) So stop by when you’re especially swirled with base-ball spirit and we will be happy to assist you in your base-ball febrile condition.

While engaging you in a discussion about base-ball statistics, perhaps we could offer you for a modest price one of our delicious pumpkin whoopee pies, lovingly filled with a layer of gingerbread buttercream. These little doohickeys are another favorite of your author, I cannot recommend them highly enough (they are exquisite). Also, keep in mind that we will be having throughout the season autumnal jimmies, bedecked with the color scheme that nature presents to us at this time of year.

Well, dear Fountaineers, that just about does it this time around. Do stop in and try some of our seasonal favorites, and take good care! May your movements be suffused with this season’s magic,

The Franklin Fountain

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