September ’11

Dearest Fountaineers:
What a rollicking month it has been! Why, it seems that even the ground beneath our very feet has quivered with enthusiasm! For our east coast patrons, you all have been privy, no doubt, to an array of Mother Nature’s surprises, including a seismic shiver of a quake and a wheeling hurricane the size of the European continent. We here at the Fountain were thrown into a tizzy– the quake sent the Brothers Berley into a non-scheduled Charleston competition as they shuffled to regain equilibrium, and the hurricane dwindled the firepower of our incandescent bulbs to the dull glimmer of a glowworm.

Fortunately, we have preparedness drills for these sorts of happenstances: if you’re still feeling a little bit shakey, we recommend one of our milk-shakes, prepared with a similar frequency of vibration to that of the Virginian epicenter. Might we suggest a Grape Malted, made with our returning flavor, “Concord Grapes of Wrath”? It’s made from vine-fresh concord grapes, and its taste is so smooth, straightforward, and ripe that it may as well have been issued from a John Steinbeck novel. For more grape news, we will be spotlighting Nehi Grape soda this month, for a Nehi double-feature. Nehi soda dates back to 1924, and is featured prominently in the fiction of short story author Jean Shepherd. Order a bubbly Nehi Grape soda today and feel its fizzy inspiration firsthand!

Moving from natural disasters to natural talent, let’s discuss the rousing success that was the Base-Ball Exhibition and Fair, held at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The event was superbly attended, and the home team of the Athletic BBC of Philadelphia (featuring teammates Ryan and Eric Berley) played with ideal sportsmanship and athleticism. Our kudos and congratulations!

Speaking of congratulatory pats-on-the-back, we would like to announce with humbleness and silver hairs that The Franklin Fountain will be turning seven years old on September the 24th! If you wish us a happy birthday on that date while in line, we will deduct 10% from your entire purchase! We couldn’t have reached this ripe old age without your dutiful patronage. Also, as it so happens, this very same date is “College Day”. We encourage any scholar to visit our shop and perhaps order one our our “College Ices” to satisfy their sweet tooth. Well, that’s about all for now. Please enjoy the encroaching autumn weather, with its honey-hued rays and its brisk breezes perfumed with falling foliage.

May you travel onward with grace,

The Franklin Fountain.

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