March ’10 SCOOP

Bonnie Lads and Lasses,

The daylight lengthens. Life blooms from the earth! Why, green glistens at every bend! And what rainbows sling themselves across the skies to horseshoe the heavens? St. Patrick’s Day marches near and we’re well prepared this year with a fine selection of specials to top your morning.
To commemorate the Philadelphia Flower show the “Orange Honey Rose Blossom Ice Cream” will be featured again in our flowering “American Beauty” ice cream soda . Its fluted glass contains vanilla syrup, the taste of a compressed groveful of orange, an overtone of flourished rose, and the wet work of a needling network of honeybees. Aye, we’ve more: our “Irish Potato Ice Cream Cone”, a scoop of our coconut ice cream covered in a powdery pillow of cinnamon. We shall also be selling “Irish Potatoes” singly, bits of coconut creme filling, a sprinkled coat of cinnamon, and studs on crushed nut potato “eyes”. We have also ploughed through our Soda Fountain Dispenser’s Formulary and amid its yellowing pages we found a shining gem: the recipe for the “Irish Lace Cream Shake”. This marvel contains strawberry and pineapple syrups, sweet cream and angostura bitters, a firm scoop of vanilla ice cream, shaken briskly as a cocktail, served in a tall glass, and garnished with a scarlet cherry. It has the warm glow of sunset, bursts of fruity sweetness, and the delicate beauty of Irish lace itself.
This month “Green River” soda will flow like the Shannon. “Green River” dates back to the year 1919 when it was created during the Prohibition by the Schoenhofen Brewery in Chicago. Eddie “Banjo Eyes” Cantor, a Ziegfeld Follies entertainer, wrote a jingle for the fizzy green stuff. Have yourselves a glass & sip the endangered Americana.

Ah, well, we should note here that we’ve resumed our seven-day-a-week schedule here at the Franklin Fountain. We will be open on Sundays through Thursdays from noon til’ 11p.m., and on Fridays and Saturdays from noon til’ Midnight.
That’s all we have for now, Fountaineers. As the poets of old Ireland said:
“May God grant you always…
A sunbeam to warm you
A moonbeam to charm you,

A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you.”

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