February ’10 SCOOP


To Our Dearest Readers, by Distance and with Closeness:
St. Valentine’s Day approaches and love is in the air! Heck, the joint is practically cracklin’ with the stuff! And such a suitable season to house it! Madly the heart thumps, chirring with systolic murmur, encaged in its ribbed nook. The Lover’s pupils widen like dropped parachutes, their speech gnarls like tree roots. But what gesture or charm will betoken the target of their heaving heart’s out-pour? Why not a snowy promenade to The Franklin Fountain? Think of it! The palpitating plunge of numberless snowflakes, the silken shine of the moon, lambent and large in a quilt of clouds. And in you’ll swing through our oaken doors, wrapped in warmth and your courter’s clench, where you will stand to be pampered and pepped. Mayn’t we oversupply you with ammunition to enamor? Allow us to serenade you with this February’s offerings — a Darkened Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream (it produces sure fire soul quivers, our homemade truffles are engorged with Chambord, a blessedly spirit-seethed raspberry wine), an arrowing slice of our Double Chocolate Truffle Cake, or a tall glass of our recalescent, blood-bubbling Red Hot Cinnamon Coca-Cola. Our narrow palace is the natural lover’s swooning-ground, we were even given the honor of “Best First Date” destination by 2009’s “Best of Philly” awards. So come, surround yourself and your love with the gentle slosh of romantic tunes effused from our 1920s Philco radio, let our endorphin-surging chocolate desserts assist the width of your stare. Our hand-and-foot service shall help to attune your hearts to the hallowed hum of the celestia aswirl a short sky away.
With Furnacing Hearts,
The Franklin Fountain

PS: We hold a font spot in our hearts for Fathers of Country Washington & Lincoln and will be open Presidents Day in celebration of their births. (12 noon until 11pm)

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