January ’17



Parmesan Cheesecake Ice Cream

In honor of Ben Franklin’s birthday on January 17th, we’ve adapted local Chef Walter Staib’s recipe for Parmesan Cheesecake into our latest ice cream flavor! A ribbon of crunchy Candied Walnuts in Brown Sugar offsets the rich tangy Cheesecake. If you haven’t seen A Taste of History with The City Tavern Chef and the Berley Brothers, watch it HERE.


Tenochtitlan Sundae

Our Aztec Temple of Chocolate builds upon our Spicy Chocolate Ice Cream pyramid surrounded by a moat of Hot Fudge memorializing Moctezuma, an offering of crunchy Cayenne Spanish Peanuts, set ablaze in Cinnamon Whipped Cream and studded with a golden coin of Dark Chocolate.


Soda Jerk’s Choice: Hot Dr. Pepper!

Hot Soda? Yes! At the turn of the century soda fountain owners got mighty creative in the colder months to draw in their Summer customers, and promoted Hot Soda. In the 1950’s Dr. Pepper re-discovered this tasty idea, branding Hot Dr. Pepper as “devilishly delicious”. James suggests this delightful drink during dreary January.


Fizzy Champagne Truffle

We’re uncorking some Champagne Truffles that POP in your mouth! A White Chocolate Truffle made with Port Wine, Champagne Extract, and a coating of Popping Sugar…It’s the fireworks at midnight on your taste buds!


Glücksschwein – “Good Luck Pigs”

Marzipan Pigs have been exchanged for centuries around the holidays, bringing good luck for the year ahead. In keeping with this ancient German tradition we’re celebrating the New Year with house-made Marzipan in the shape of Pigs or dipped in Dark Chocolate. Our Marzipan is made with Almond Meal and Confectioners Sugar and flavored with a hint of Rose Water. Available now at Shane Confectionery and online.


Lemon Hill Mansion Bon Bons

If you missed the tour of the Historic Houses of Fairmount Park, don’t worry we saved a little piece of the event just for you! We created a special Bon Bon for the event with layered Lemon Curd with a White Chocolate Lemon Ganache. Now available in limited quantities in our shop.

House-Blend Hot Chocolate at Home!

Keep those winter blues away with the flavor of Shane Chocolate Works in your home! We’ve bottled our House Blend Hot Chocolate and the ever-popular Spanish Royal, made with warming Sumatran Cinnamon and Chilies from our own garden.



A Spoonful of Sugar: Candy Medicine Talk & Taste

Join us Saturday, March 11th at 7-8 PM in our historic candy kitchen, to learn about candy and medicine’s entwined past. A talk from our archivist Laurel Burmeister will be followed by a hands on demonstration and tasting of cough drops.

Tickets: $12.
To purchase: call (215)-922-1048, go online, or visit our shop at 110 Market Street Phila. PA 19106


Ben Franklin’s Birthday

Join Co-Owner Eric Berley and The Franklin Fountain on January 13th to Celebrate Benjamin Franklin. While exploring the theme “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Increasing Prosperity and Rising Inequality;” enjoy free lectures accompanied by a tasting of Franklinia tea and sage shortbread cookies, followed by a luncheon complete with Franklin Ice Cream.
from ourarchives
Molly Pitcher was a female folk hero in the 19th and early 20th centuries in the United States. She likely represents a pastiche of several women during the Revolutionary War, rather than being based on any single woman, who served in some way on the front lines. World War II sparked a renewed interest in Molly Pitcher; she appeared in World War II propaganda, such as this 1940’s ice cream container from our collection.

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