November ’16



Confectionery Cabin, Opening November 25th

The Franklin Fountain returns to the RiverRink on the Delaware. With piping hot cups of decadent and delicious Drinking Chocolates and Hot Cocoas, the ever popular House-Made Some’mores and Marshmallows for roasting over the fire pits, and seasonal Ice Creams, our Confectionery Cabin is worth a visit! Come enjoy ice-skating and imbibe in some of your seasonal favorites!


Weather Changing Flavors

As the leaves are turning, our kitchen is churning out harvest ice cream flavors such as Apple Butter!


November’s Neighborhood Nuts

Picked in our very own backyards! Black Walnuts and Old Hickories will be dropping into The Franklin Fountain. Look out for a limited batch of our Hickory Ice Cream and our Black Walnut Cookies.


Hot Milkshakes

A Franklin Fountain classic, try a Hot Milkshake today!  Our Toasted Marshmallow Malted is sure to delight.  Fluffy Marshmallow-enriched Vanilla Ice Cream spun with Malted Milk Powder and melted Bittersweet Chocolate over one of Reverend Sylvester Graham’s Crackers (and served with toasted house-made Marshmallow)


Soda Jerk’s Choice:

Your friendly Soda Jerks are always here to help you get your order just right. If you simply can’t decide, check the Soda Jerk’s Choice board. This month we recommend Peach Praline Pie a la mode with Peach Ice Cream and Whipped Cream.



Shane Confectionery at City Hall’s Christmas Village (Preview November 19th & 20th
Opens November 25th)

Join us for the charm of an authentic German Christmas market modeled after Christkindlmarket in Nuremberg/ Germany. Our offerings will include an abundant variety of holiday gifts including assorted boxed Chocolates and bagged Candies, Candy Canes, Clear Toy Candies, Some’mores Kits, and seasonal Ice Creams and Baked Goods from The Franklin Fountain.


Holiday Clear Toy

As the weather cools our stoves start warming up!  Soon all manner of beast, man, and object, in colorful crystalline sugar will be filling our shelves.  Pick-up a piece of the edible art in our shop or order online.

Online Clear Toy Orders will begin shipping by Wednesday, November 16th.  Order by Tuesday, December 20th for delivery by Christmas.


Hints of Winter

It may only be early November, but we are thinking of snow drifts, roasted nuts, strung cranberries, and a traditional Christmas orange!  Our creamy White Chocolate paired with Candied Orange Peel, Dried Cranberries, and Walnuts will have you dreaming of a White Christmas.
Available to order online


Centerpiece Gone Afoul?

Dress your table with a centerpiece of Milk and Dark Chocolate Turkeys and Cornucopias! Fill the cornucopia with a bounty of our house-made Chocolate or Penny Candy.



Our Orange Cashew Meltaway features Cashew Butter with Orange Zest, Dark Chocolate, topped with Candied Orange Zest. The Toasted Sesame Meltaway combines Tahini and Coconut Oil, infused in Milk Chocolate, dipped in Dark Chocolate and topped with Toasted Sesame Seeds.


New Origins: Alto Beni, Bolivia

Bold, earthy cacao from Bolivia’s Alto Beni region is in. We taste green olive and oak.  Try it in our Single Origin Drinking Chocolate, or take home a tasting square to share.


Orange Zest Sugar Biscuits

Nothing pairs with our Tuscan Jasmine Cioccolato quite like these delicate delights.  A hint of citrus beautifully sets off the chocolate’s floral notes.  Try one with your next drinking chocolate!



Ryan Berley spoke this past month at the German Society on his collection of Springerle moulds, and their place in Philadelphia history.  Read all about it here and remember to come by Shane Confectionery this December for your own beautiful and delicious Springerle Cookies from The Springerle House.



Thanks for making this Halowe’en the spookiest yet!  If you didn’t get a chance to take our sold-out Haunted Tour, don’t fret, our macabre and historic haunt will return next year.   In the meantime, hop on our Classic Tour, available every Friday at 6:30pm during the month of November.


Veterans Day

To honor our veterans and their service to our country we are giving away a free scoop of Ice Cream to any veterans or active military this Sunday in conjunction with Old City’s Veterans Day Parade and next Friday, November 11th.  Visit Shane Confectionery for a complimentary 2-piece box of chocolates.

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