July ’14


Fresh Organic Blueberry Ice Cream

blueberry_icecream - MC

The bounty of the mid-summer harvest has provided us with a luscious crop of juicy-plump blueberries. Using this bounty we have crafted our homemade Blueberry Ice Cream with special attention. With honesty and hard work, we do believe that we have outdone ourselves, and we ask that you try some for yourselves to test the merits of our claim by your own tongue’s inspection. We also offer this refreshing summer flavor in Dairy Free.

Limes Return! Limeade, Lime Syrup and… Blueberry Limeade Franklin Freeze


After weeks of scarcity, we are pleased to announce that Limes have returned to The Fountain.  In the heat of the summer, there is nothing better than a refreshing Lime Rickey or try our new Blueberry Limeade Franklin Freeze made with Blueberry Ice Cream, Limeade and Raspberry Sorbet.

Cherries Jubilee!

Bing Cherries at Union Square Market, NYC

You won’t be disappointed in our cherry selection. Average cherries at ice cream shops and cocktail bars are both “Neon” and “Puny,” sulking in an artificial red sea of sickening sweetness, a distant shadow of their mature and robust cousins we use everyday.

 Classic and Flavorful

cherry split

Oregon Cherry Growers, a Co-op of cherry farmers Franklin Fountain supports, is the first to develop maraschino cherries made of ingredients from 100% natural sources. The indulgent dark Bing Cherries are perfect for adult palettes, and completely safe for kids of all ages. Each cherry is sweetened without corn syrup and free of sulfites, alcohol and preservatives.

Bursting with flavor in every bite, only the best cherries top world class sundaes!

Tart & Refreshing: Our Local Cherry Phosphate!


In celebration all things Red, White and Blue, we also make (Pennsylvania picked-fruit) Cherry Soda from tart-popping fruit…Makes a great phosphate! Sour things (including our Thirst Ades) are more thirst suppressing than your average soda.

Local Black Cherry Soda

soda soda soda

Near Philadelphia the term ‘visniak’, pronounced ‘vee-shnee-ak’ was always preceded with the words ‘black cherry’ and was a highly sweetened soda clutched at little league games and coveted at friends’ homes. ‘Visniak’ is the Polish name for the flavor “Cherry” which a popular New York Bottler, now defunct, named Cherry Visniak developed that Identity-Association with the flavor. Bottles were returnable in the old days, and held the guiltless pleasure of 7oz of pure refreshment. In response to Cherry Visniak’s success, local companies like “A-Treat” in Allentown and “Franks” in Philadelphia added a black cherry soda to their lineup of bottles and cans.

Toast “Soda’s Pop” with a Black Cherry Physick


Enjoy this delicious historical soda ice cold at The Fountain and visit the annual Phyzz Festival on Saturday July 5 at the Physick House, just steps away in Society Hill section of Philadelphia.

Old City Restaurant Week July 19th thru 27th


Old City’s first Restaurant Week will soon be upon us.  The Franklin Fountain is honored to be a sponsor of the event and to serve The Official Ice Cream of Old City’s Restaurant Week: Chocolate Cobblestone.  Participating restaurants include: 4 Fathers Philadelphia, Amada, Bistro 7, Bleu Martini, Continental Restaurant & Martini Bar, Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar, Dinardo’s Famous Seafood, Farmicia, High Street on Market, Independence Mall Café, Karma Restaurant & Bar, Kisso Sushi Bar, La Famiglia, Lucha Cartel, National Mechanics, Nick’s Roast Beef Bar and Grille, Panini’s Trattoria, Panorama, The Plough & The Stars, Revolution House, Rosa Blanca-Cuban Diner, Sassafras, Spasso, Taste, Wedge + Fig.




Star Spangled Sweets


If Francis Scott Key had tried one of our new Blueberry Buttercreams, enrobed in Dark or White chocolate, or our new Strawberry Lemonade Jelly, he might have reworked the lyrics “and the strawberries red glare, the blueberries bursting in air…”

New Summer Fudge Flavors


Our house-made Boardwalk Fudge is now available in seasonal flavors inspired by our favorite Franklin Fountain Ice Cream: Whirly Berley, Mint Chocolate Chip, Maple, Maple Walnut, Pistachio, Rum Raisin, Hydrox Cookie, and more!

Just like the Pistachio Ice Cream at the Franklin Fountain, this fudge gets its flavor (and earthy olive-green color) from a generous amount of pistachio paste, freshly ground in-house. The distinctive, almost savory flavor is rounded with a bit of vanilla and salt, and garnished with more whole pistachios.

 Each pan of this dark, richly-flavored Maple Walnut fudge contains over two pounds of real maple syrup, sourced from Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County and studded with large chunks of buttery English walnuts.

Try an individual piece or fill a custom fudge box with your favorite flavors! Selected varieties of our fudge is also available Online.

Firecracker Popped Corn

Firecracker-popped-corn copy

Americans have always celebrated the Fourth of July by staging grand fireworks shows.  John Adams envisioned fireworks as a part of the festivities, before the Declaration of Independence was even signed. In tribute of this grand tradition, Shane Confectionery is showcasing spicy Firecracker Popped Corn; Maple Sugared Popped Corn with Hot Pepper and Pecans.

Featured Bean to Bar Chocolate:


In honor of the 4th of July and its celebratory fiery explosions, we are featuring Eclat Bar’s Aleppo Pepper & Pink Peppercorn Bar as our featured Bean-to-Bar Chocolate.  This 65% dark chocolate bar from Aleppo, Syria packs a bit of a punch but is easily smoothed over by the richness of the dark chocolate. It’s ingredients, Aleppo Pepper and Pink Peppercorn, date back to the Middle Eastern Silk Road and trade routes.

Shane’s chosen as Legacy Business by Preservation Pennsylvania

PreservationPhilly copy

Shane Confectionery received the honor of being featured as a Pennsylvania Legacy Business by Preservation Pennsylvania, being published in their recent newsletter Destination Pennsylvania available for free download HERE. This rare distinction is reserved for businesses that have operated for 50 years or more, have been run by multi-generations of the same family and are located in historic buildings within the Commonwealth.

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