May ’14

Adeline, Eric, KierstenAnnouncing a Berley Baby – Sweet Adeline!

Adeline Ruth Berley was born into this world on Tuesday, April 29th. Hearty congratulations and well-wishes to her proud parents Kiersten and Eric Berley.

“You’re the flower of our hearts, Sweet Adeline”

What’s New at the Fountain?


New Menus!

We’ve introduced a new menu in The Fountain. It’s full of all the delicious treats we’re known for (and some new ones), as well as historical tidbits and fun facts about our soda fountain. Click the image above to view the menu!


Old City Night Market
May 15th 6-10pm

On Thursday, May 15th from 6 – 10 pmNight Market is taking over Old City! Discover delicious food and so much more from the city’s best food trucks and restaurants, local beer from Yards, live music AND Ice Cream and Candy from The Franklin Fountain and Shane Confectionery.


War Admiral Phosphate

This 1937 Triple Crown Philly Winner, weaned on local thoroughbred MILK, leads the pack with great GINGER and finishes first in a garland of ROSES. A DelCo Riddle that’ll knock your Derby off!


Wiener Eiskaffee
{Veen-er Ice Café}

Cold Brewed Black Coffee with a scoop of Vanilla Bean, Whipped Cream and Chocolate Syrup. A Viennese coffeehouse classic. {available seasonally April thru October}

PennTreatyParfait copy

Paw Paw Ice Cream & Tamanend Day on May 1st

In commemoration of Chief Tamanend and William Penn’s peaceful agreement to live as friends in harmony, we are celebrating the Native People’s cuisine with a “Penn Treaty Parfait”. “Paw Paw Ice Cream” will be enrobed in Toasted Maple Nut dressing, with a feather of whipped cream and studded with Penn Treaty Popped Corn flavored with black walnuts, molasses, and sorghum. Paw Paw is a fruit native to the Midwest, Southern, and Eastern United States and has a luscious creamy texture and flavor similar to a cross between banana and mango. Hurry in try try one! The Penn Treaty Parfait is available for a Limited Time Only, While Supplies Last!

Red Raspberry Sorbet

For those sporting lighter fruity fare, Red Raspberry Sorbet has returned to The Fountain. The raspberries are grown fresh in Northeastern farmlands. The flavor of fresh raspberries is invigorating, and is sure to hit the spot and refresh you on a hot and sunny day.


 Dairy-Free Strawberry

Coconut Cream, sweetened mashed Strawberries, Agave Nectar, Tapioca and real Tahitian Vanilla. A Returning Dairy-Free favorite, this love fruit flavor completes a Dairy-Free Classic 1904 Banana Split, yet can be enjoyed on her own or in many other fashions.

butterscotch taffy

‘Butterscotch Taffy’ Ice Cream

Our “Butter-Scratch” Recipe:
Butterscotch ribboned Ice Cream made with sweetened Brown Sugar and local Butter churned cold with sponge-like Butterscotch Candy Chips.

What’s New at the Confectionery?


Boardwalk Fudge

A taste of summer to chase away those winter blues! Shane Confectionery’s house-made Boardwalk Fudge is back in the shop. We’re firing up our 1919 Savage Bros. Fire Mixer to mix our specialty chocolate into a uniform and creamy consistency. Our favorite flavors will be featured first, but stay-tuned there are many more to come.
Our fudge is also now available online.

Keep in mind, we will also be selling boxes of period-authentic Salt Water Taffy, which comes in myriad flavors. We hope to bring a bit of the taste and atmosphere of the boardwalks of our country’s beaches to the banks of the rolling Delaware.

FF-artstar2014 copy

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11th

So, on this day, let us celebrate all the warmth and affection of the one who brought us into this world. Show your mother that you appreciate her with a lovely assortment of Shane Chocolates, we highly recommend our Spring Assortment filled with sweets any mother would love. Or perhaps she would prefer a box of Brandied Cherries or our House-made fudge. All the aforementioned gifts are available online and in the shop.


Venezuela Bar from Tradestone Confections

We are especially proud of our selection of Bean-to-Bar chocolate bars at Shane Confectionery. Bean-to-bar chocolatiers make their bars directly from the cacao bean, allowing them to control every step of production. Our newest additions are from Tradestone Confections.

“People think that a plain chocolate bar is only going to taste like chocolate, but you’d be surprised how the flavor notes of cocoa beans can vary depending on where they’re grown. For example, our 72% Venezuela bar is going to have a lower acidity than cocoa beans from Africa, and will evoke flavors of caramelized bread and honey. Tradestone is honored to be featured at Shane Confectionery and share its bars with your customers. “

Fred Ortega, Chocolatier
Tradestone Confections

kelly garden

Herb Garden Assembled onto Shane Roof

Candymaker Kelly O’Neill planted a seed of an idea on our rooftop and it’s sprouting into an herb garden! Our new herb garden is joining the apiary on the Shane Confectionery rooftop. We are committed to local and sustainable foodway’s; Soon our ice creams and confections will feature extra-local spices to compliment our house honey!

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