April ’12

Friends and Followers:
For those looking to order Shane Easter Buttercreams, Filled Easter Baskets, and Filled Shelled Eggs, now is the time to do so! Order by telephone, or in the shop. Be sure to check out the pictographs on our Facebook page of the highly-detailed decoration work of these beautiful eggs, all thanks to our marvelous pastry team. The exquisiteness and intricacy of these designs are really something to behold, and they truly only occur once a year. So be sure to fulfill your Philadelphia tradition by bringing home some of these Easter treats.

Spring is here! The wind-combed grasses lunge unanimously from the soils in democratic fashion. Within their blades a microcosmic pageantry takes place– jade plastids by the thousandful suspend themselves, capturing the streaming currents of daylight furnished by the sun. Opening flower blossoms issue their fragrance into the dew-wet air like a lover whispering the secret of their admiration into the receptive cartilage of a tilted ear. Yes, the earth is full of vegetation and verdure, and we here at The Franklin Fountain and Shane Confectionery gain tremendously by the rebirth of electric spirit that moves with fluency through the ethers.

In keeping with this motion, we have made several confections for you in revived vernal vivaciousness. First, we have for sale at Shane Confectionery house-made Lavender Marshmallows! These gooey treats ensnare the aroma of blossomed lavender sprigs, and their taste has a refreshing floral quality that is as light as air. We also will be carrying for sale Italian floral flavored chocolate bars, which contain within their cocoa’d crunch the flavor of the scent of wildflowers growing in the hilly pasture-land off of the Mediterranean Coast. These intermingled tastes will leak into your bloodstream excitement and passion, and you shall become enamored with all that surrounds you and all that moves through you. We also have available this month Hibiscus jellies at Shane’s, which are made from rubicund Hibiscus flower petals. These treats promote good health and even-toned cyclicity for those of the female persuasion. Try some at your leisure to indulge in rich pleasure!

Speaking of indulgences, We have two flavors that will once more be returning to the dipping cabinets of The Franklin Fountain: the first is Orange-Pineapple Ice Cream, comprised of a smooth and creamy orange-colored base made from fresh and luscious oranges, and an overtone of tasty pineapple tartness. Secondly, we have Banana Ice Cream, which we will be featuring in a brand new banana split– The Unsinkable Molly Brownie Banana Boat! This split will commemorate the centennial anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, but more particularly it will honor the steadfast spirit of Margaret Brown, an American socialite, philanthropist, and activist who was onboard the ill-fated liner when the tragic iceberg tore the hull of the ship. While being rowed away on a lifeboat as the ship went down, it was Margaret who admonished the crew members to go back and look for survivors. Her stature grew into legend in later life, and she became known as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”. So, in thanks for her service, we are offering up a hundred years later a glass boat filled with vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and banana ice creams, the usual classic split fixings of pineapple topping and puréed strawberries, flowing hot fudge, four “smokestacks” of whipped cream, and, of course, a banana, sliced lengthwise. This is our biggest banana split that we’ve offered to date, and, by far, it is the biggest menu item we’ve featured in our company history. See if you’re strong-willed enough to brace this humungous sundae treat.

For those sporting for lighter fare, we also will be offering two sorbets this spring season: Silky Smooth Raspberry Sorbet and Tart and Bracing Lemon Sorbets. The raspberries were grown fresh in north eastern farmlands, and the lemons are fresh from southern groves. Both flavors are invigorating, and are sure to hit the spot to refresh you on a hot and sunny day.

Well, that’s about all this go around. We hope that you find romance, kinship, and happy times this season. May you be blessed with restored health and seasonal smiles.

With Flourishing Hearts,
The Berley Brothers and Staff

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