December SCOOP!

Well, Franklin Fountain fans, we’ve set full sail for December in festive style; the shop has been gussied with yuletide decor. Our clear toy candy is displayed delicately in the window, and beside it sits our diminutive Christmas tree, wreathed in beaded strings of sugared cranberries, trails of popcorn, and be-decked with candles and holiday ornaments. Holiday pies are being churned out in a fruited continuum by Davina (our pastry chef) and enjoyed by a diverse, globe-girdling clientele. Visitors from France, Germany, South Africa, Turkey, Israel, and Japan have all praised
the deliciousness of our baked goods and special ice creams.

Have you found yourselves in a nervous scramble to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones this holiday season? You needn’t look any further than our lamp lit display shelves, filled with our colorful crystalline clear toy candies, ready to be boxed in a nest of straw-stuffing (to insure the safety of an unbroken transport). We have an array of smaller candies as well, which cannot be excelled as stocking-fillers. Towards the back of our shop you will also find an antique pharmacy cabinet full of tentative gifts — silken bow-ties from Vermont, a collection of dozens of novelty sodas we scoured the continent to shelve, some fragrant toiletries like Florida Water or J.R. Liggetts Bar Shampoos, or perhaps one of our many books pertaining to confectionery and soda fountain history. Also, we have for sale spritely “Springerle Cookies, soft flavored cookies which are minted (the verb, not the adjective) from hand-carved molds in a tradition dating back centuries into Teutonic yore. Springerle Cookies have been a Pennsylvania-German tradition since 1710 when they were introduced into Lancaster County by field-threshing settlers. Today, they are produced intricately to honor heritage and to “celebrate daily life” by “The Springerle House” in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. Be sure to pick some up to gift, hold, or taste!

The Food Network has stopped in this week in a two-fold effort to provide a setting for Marc Summers to host the acclaimed “Unwrapped” show and for “American Classics” to document once more our Clear Toy Candy making process.
It was more than a delight to work
with Mark and his amiable crew.

The shoot transgressed smoothly and a few customers even got to sit in as extras! The show should debut sometime in early 2010, we’ll be sure to keep everyone posted as to when it will be broadcast. Also, on more “pressing” note, get a glimpse of the clear toy candy making process and tune in to the 10 Show on Tuesday morning, December 22nd at 10am to watch the Berley Brothers at work on their glass confectionery.

May everyone enjoy the holiday season with a glad heart! We can assure our readership that the goods and the cheer which we carry can supplement any holiday get-together, and that our novel candied handiworks provide endearingly-expressed sentiments to those you most care for. We thank you all again for your enthused support, and hope in earnest that you call again soon. Be well and do well! Be merry, loving, and wise! But don’t be without our treats and wares!

Holiday Hours:
Closed: Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.
OPEN: Friday & Saturday 11am – midnight
Sunday 11am – 11pm
Monday – Thursday 12 noon – 11pm

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