The warm weather returns and we’re back, ready to serve you and your family. There’s Spring in Our Steps with 1909 additions to The Franklin Fountain…

We’ve added a number of NEW items to the Fountain. Davina Soondrum, pastry chef extraordinaire, has made many pastry additions to keep the Fountain interesting throughout the Winter. She’s made Whoopee Pies, Marshmallow Peeps and new Clear Toy bunnies and baskets for Easter. The Ice Cream Department has added a Red Raspberry Sorbet and our Lemon Ice to accompany our three Soy Flavors added this week.

Thanks to our milk supplier, Longacres Dairy, we now have a new store fixture to quicken milk delivery. Longacres procures their milk from dairy farmers in Berks and Lancaster counties, and it is grass-fed. The retro milk dispenser has a real milk can soldered to its front door for good looks. Check it out. We hope it speeds your milkshake orders.

The ice cream department has added a new flavor called “Orange Rose Blossom.” Jeff Heinbach, our most veteran soda jerk, invented an ice cream soda titled “The American Beauty” combining this floral ice cream with vanilla soda water…Try it TODAY!

Jeff’s gift of prose with confectionery combinations have helped keep the Fountain “a-float” and he is finally receiving recognition for his work. Local blogger the Shmitten Kitten has nominated Jeff as Philly’s Hottest Nerd in their online contest that ends Friday, so please vote to support our man at www.shmittenkitten.com Turns out that the Philadelphia Weekly has also endorsed Jeff in his pursuit of this monocled moniker, even as his faces stiff competition from national celebrity, Questlove of The Roots.

We’ve boosted the chocolate cocoa content in our chocolate ice cream – to make our chocolate shakes even more richly delicious and we’ll be making our own in house strawberry flavoring for the strawberry ice cream this Spring and Summer with Green Meadow Farm strawberries. Davina has double cooked them in sugar and will be perfect for making our strawberry ice cream have a robust, rounded all natural strawberry appeal.

John Hutchinson and his cabinetmakers of Rose Valley Restorations took a dry, old cigar cabinet (right) from an old pharmacy in Chester, PA and did a beautiful job of bringing back its quarter sawn oak lustre. It now serves as the Dry Goods counter and we’ve added more nostalgic candies including NECCO wafers, Wilbur’s Chocolate Buds as well as many additional bottled sodas like Dad’s Root Beer and Nesbitt’s Strawberry, all related to old time traditions. We’ve also added a section of books for sale related to soda fountains, ice cream history and Benjamin Franklin. Book reviews will blossom naturally in the future as we describe what we’ve learned from them here in the SCOOP!

Finally in the works, Ryan is working on a project downloading all our family’s old pre-war 78 records onto a digital device to play in store for customers. Please bear with us as we try to bring you the best from our home Victrola to the Fountain. Keep your old Philco tuned to this station…

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