December SCOOP

Warm Winter Greetings from The Franklin Fountain!

The Clear Toy candy has arrived and IS IN. The glassy confections made their colorful appearance in our antique vitrines the day after Thanksgiving. We decided, after being swamped by mail orders last Christmas, that we wanted to simplify our production, cut out shipping and give priority to walk-in customers by stocking the store first. So…we have plenty of candies to offer this year, from large red sailing ships and golden lions to mint green reindeer. Customers are encouraged to visit The Franklin Fountain through December 23rd to pickup Clear Toys that are available in the shop for the holiday. We will be open after Christmas beginning on December 26th and plan to sell off the remaining candies by the New Year.

Last week, the king of quirk in Philadelphia, Don Polec met his match in the Berley Brothers, interviewing them about their candies for his TV show. Don toured the Fountain, learned how to tie a bowtie and put a Clear Toy candy boot in his mouth in a classic display of his tongue-in-cheek (or foot-in-mouth) humor. Check out a snippet online at:;=6387560

Homemade Peppermint glass candies are poured onto a marble slab and broken up for use in our Peppermint Stick Ice Cream, now being served up at the Fountain. Try some with a scoop of hot fudge or bathing in a Hot Chocolate Float. Also, seasonal Egg Nogg Ice Cream has been added to our cabinet, and is a wonderful compliment to our homemade Gingerbread cake…warmed up of course. Caramel Ice Cream rounds out the year for the ice cream dept., and is suggested ala mode apple or peach praline pies.

On Monday, December 8th, Marley, the famous Philadelphia pup of Marley & Me fame, made a special PR appearance at The Franklin Fountain. Just having been filmed on TV that morning, Marley was pawing about town promoting his new feature film, to be released in theatres on December 25th. Marley apparently had heard about us from other local canines who have sampled our ice creams, in particular one French poodle from Society Hill with a palate for Peanut Butter. Eric served him up some Vanilla Soy Ice Cream, along with some peanut butter sauce and whipped cream…to which Marley practically leaped over the counter to lick.
Heel, Marley, heel…that’s antique marble!

Eric made ice cream history on Saturday, December 13th at the Arden Theatre opening of James & the Giant Peach. He and soda jerk Jesse served our homemade Peach Ice Cream ala chocolate-covered-crickets (a nod to the arthropods in the play). Each child that ate a cricket received an “I ATE A BUG CLUB” button. Suffice it to say, there was plenty of chirping about the room after that…

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